Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Camp Photos

I was very proud of my guy today when I asked him in Spanish if he was hungry and he responded appropriately!  Then I asked him point blank if he could tell me in Spanish his name, sure enough "Me llamo Manuel."  YAY!  He's getting it :)  Waiting to hear back from CLV about a possible reference for a tutor. While there the director told me she knew someone that lives near us who had worked there previously and was going to check to see if he would want to help out, yippee!

AND when I asked little hugaboo this morning in Spanish her name she did answer "Alicia"  very validating.

Sooo, here's a few more pics!

A- wearing a dress my parents got for her in Mexico.

With Baby, of course.

Yes, my child is the one person in this photo facing the wrong way for the dance LOL

He got the "Super Espanol" nametag to wear for the day for doing a good job speaking Spanish and as a reminder for himself and others to speak it all day :)

And here's where the cure is almost worse than the disease.  The medicine used to remove his warts is slowly burning off his skin :(  I have been keeping ointment on it so it itches less and the bandaid is from an open sore.  Poor guy.  But you can see in the part beneath the bandaid are all warts that we'll treat next.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spanish Camp

I will probably post more about camp later as right now I'm quite worn out! It was a great experience for all. Manuel & Alicia liked it a lot and my adult class was really fun. I told them I didn't really want to learn new things and preferred to review/practice so they put me in an easier class than last time. MUCH better experience! Both kids seemed to pick up a lot of new vocabulary as did I. Lots of singing, dancing, games, crafts, cooking, eating, skits, & campfires. The weather could have been better, but it didn't really slow us down much! Here are a few pictures from the weekend :)



Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Everything is an experiment

Conversation at bedtime with X trying to delay...

X: Mom, can I have some cabbage as a snack tonight?

Me: We don't have any cabbage, how about spinach?

X: Can I have chocolate on it?

Me: Sure, why not?
Might I also mention he's NEVER eaten either cabbage or spinach in his life before.

Roller skating

The kids got to go roller skating for the first time today!  I definately should have only brought one of them at a time out for the first time LOL  An almost 3 yr old and 5 yr old can squeeze your hands awefully tight when they don't quite have their balance ha ha ha.  We went with a local homeschooling group so it was nice to get to meet a couple of the moms.  This was our first HS group activity for the year.  We'd gone to a couple plays last year, but nothing really "social" like this.  Can't wait until next time!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

YAY! A Spanish Name for Little A.

So we are going to Spanish langauge camp in a week and a half and its been so hard to pick a name for her to use when we get there.  Last spring Big X chose the name Manuel from a movie and I already had my name from high school (Beatriz) bur since A is coming with us this time we needed a name for her.  We'll start practicing this week speaking more Spanish around the house and I want her to get used to this pretend name so she's recognize it when we go.  So without further ado... Alicia!  It should have been really easy to come up with that since it is so close to her real name LOL.  Plus, its the name of Diego's sister on the show so clearly its a no-brainer.  She already likes to pretend with that name so hopefully its not already taken when we go there!!!