Monday, January 18, 2010

{Power} Problem Solving

So, what do you do when you are trying to make a circuit and your batteries are dead?  Well, you find an alternative source of power of course!  When we sat down to put the circuit together this afternoon we did not expect the batteries to be out.  We quickly put into action the new set of “Green” Snap Circuits that he got for Christmas to go with his original kit. *Note you can get these from Hobby Lobby with your 40% off coupon and save a LOT of money!!!  We setup the crank and it worked!  We then tried the solar powered battery and it worked as well, but that needs to be charged some more.  This was a real big learning experience as they kids really seemed to realize that we could use other things than batteries to power things.


The circuit we setup sounds an alarm when it is switched on in addition to having a power source that works!  We also experimented with replacing the switch with a fixed circuit and swapped out the alarm with a different music player.

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Dayspring Academy Planning

So I put together a few ideas for myself to plan out the rest of the school year and thought I would share it with everyone else as well.  I discovered where we are at in our history curriculum falls very nicely into events on the calendar (Olympics, African American history month, & Easter.)  I was happy about that, makes history a bit more practical for a almost six year old.  Also added some of our workbox ideas and will be making a bunch of file folder games for X & preschool activity bags for A now that we have a new printer.  So here you go… first post in 2010!

Unit Studies
Water Cycle
Ancient China (SOTW)

Ancient Africa (SOTW)
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Olympics (w/SOTW chapters on Ancient Greece)

Rise of Roman Empire (SOTW)
Passover Feast & Easter

Fall of Roman Empire (SOTW)

Human Body
Food Pyramid


Workbox Ideas For X (focus on math, reading, and creative thinking)

Worksheets from Horizons Reading
Worksheets from Horizons Math
Alpha Omega Lifepacs for Bible/Science/Social Studies
Weekly Reader
Story of the World Book & Activities
Awana Book
Tag Reader
Journal writing
Book on CD
Unit study DVD
Bingo game
Card games
Sight word cards
File Folder games
Computer learning games ( , , )
Painting supplies
Drawing/Cartooning supplies
Science Kit
Snap Circuits

Workbox Ideas for A (focus on fine motor, preschool basics, and independent play)

Play dough
Paper punchers
Scissors & paper
Craft sticks
Stamps & Ink
Preschool “In A Bag” activities (